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Security Cameras Installation


Owl Video  7 Years Installing CCTV in South Florida.

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Fair Price Surveillance

We don’t charge any extra fees after the installation of your surveillance system, neither hook you with low unreal prices, you will get a good professional System and Installation service at one price up front with no hidden costs or engaging tricks. Call us to give more information or schedule an assessment of your location for a fair price quote.

Camera Features

All our security cameras feature Motion Detection, Water Resistant, High Definition and more, check with us for more details about your particular need.

High Quality Cameras

The cameras that we use are for professional installations only we don’t use,  sell or provide cheap low-quality, or user market cameras.

Camera Installation

We have been installing professional surveillance systems in South Florida for 7 Years and still making happy customers.
We are a Florida Licensed and Insured Electrical Specialty Contractors.

DVR Remote Phone Viewing

Checking your cameras remotely is one of the main features of surveillance cameras today, we program your Router, and DVR so you will have fast and secure access to see your cameras from a remote location over the internet with your phone or PC.

Security Cameras

PTZ Camera

Moving Surveillance Cameras 360 degrees rotation capability, CVI, TVI or IP

Hidden Cameras

Discrete Security Cameras with optional sound recording

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Professional DVRs TVI or CVI the best alternative when Upgrading your old Surveillance System

Surveillance Cameras

Security Cameras Indoor, Outdoor, Night Vision, Motion Detection….

Security Systems

Home Security Systems and SOHO Surveillance Kits for small surveillance projects

Outdoor Cameras

Motorized Outdoor Camera for real optical zooming from your DVR or App

IP Cameras

IP Security Cameras ideal when you need a modular Surveillance Layout

Wireless Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras to use in home applications with your local internet signal

NVR Network Video Recorder

Ip Network Video Recorder to record IP Camera footage

CCTV Service in South Florida.

Surveillance System Installation

Owl Video Security is a South Florida CCTV installation company specialized in Security Camera Systems wiring and Installation. We start with the assessment of your home or business then recommend you the best DVR and Cameras to fit your expectations.

Security Camera Installation

A Security Camera purchase decision always involves installation, and no one better than Owl Video Security to guide you making the best decision. It is true that CCTV is a technology that has been under development for many years, and today you can find pretty attractive prices for Camera packages, but the true is that many of those extremely low prices are just the lowest quality equipment meant to suffice a demand of Cheap Cameras. So our best recommendation is to trust your Security Cameras Installer and get professional cameras instead of taking short cuts that for sure will bring you back to spend in a professional surveillance system.

Security Cameras Remote Internet Access

OWL Security Camera Systems are ready to be accessed from the Internet. After the system Installation, we program the network with your DVR, Cameras, and router giving you full remote access to live view and playback from a Phone, Tablet or computer.

Security Cameras

In the past having a security camera was a privilege of a corporation, government facility or a luxury home, but not anymore. With the increasing population in urban areas, and the changes in the economy, having a security camera is a most for any house office or warehouse, security cameras are not anymore a matter of a luxury security device, but part of the surveillance equipment that you must have to protect your property. We can mix your Home Security Cameras and Office Cameras in a single viewing Platform so you can see both locations in your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer, check with us about the technical requirements.


Home Security Systems

Today in a most have, in the past an alarm system was enough to secure your home, but today with the changing demographics, and constant fluctuation of the economy security is a sensitive matter even for home in gated communities. A home surveillance system gives you backup of those undesired events that might take your peace away, with a Home Surveillance System the DVR unit will maintain records for a time that will give you the change to recover that footage and give it to your local authorities when have the need to proof those situations that no one wants to mention. Call the experts of Owl Video Security to give you an estimate of a Home Security System for your property.


Surveillance Camera

Not every camera is the same if you were a photographer could’ve been more aware of the multiple variations of the technical specs of a camera. surveillance cameras have to be chosen accordingly to the required angles distances, and lighting conditions. Most first time buyers fall in the trap of purchasing a camera just by comparing the resolution. Surveillance cameras not only can be compared by their resolution but also by cheap set, Infrared distance, sensor type, water tolerance, chip’s brand, and much more, but we understand that taking all these specs in count to do a one-time purchase can be overwhelming, so get a professional Surveillance System from a specialized place that you can trust and give alternatives and support.


Wireless Security Cameras

Most of our users request Wireless Cameras for two reasons, one, because the think that a wireless camera can be installed anywhere without any wiring at all, two, because they have the associated idea to have remote access to their surveillance cameras only if they are wireless. Well to answer the first statement, Wireless Security Cameras are and aren’t totally wireless, the connectivity to the internet Yes is via WI-FI, but remember that you always have to still connect power to those cameras and that will be through its own wired power supply. The second statement is not exactly true as Yes! You can access security cameras remotely but also, a Surveillance Camera System can be accessed remotely via internet connection.