IP Cameras

Choosing IP Cameras

IP Cameras are like any other HD Security Cameras, you have to know what Resolution you want, determine  if you need IR Infrared for Night Vision if the camera is going to be in an  Indoor or Outdoor environment and the other standard features you would check from regular BNC Cameras Camera. IP Camera systems are a versatile option when you have the need to install the Net Work Video Recorder far apart from the camera drops, in other words, your cameras can be fed, and connected to an IP Switch located in one end of you home or office, and your NVR can be connected somewhere else, and see your cameras, as long as all  devices get appropriate configuration connecting them to the same local network.
The best way and our continuous recommendation for a home user installing it’s own IP cameras is to install IP Cameras in a star topology method, a star topology connects all the Network Cameras to single point, in this case to a POE NVR, POE NVRs will be give and easier camera configuration process than using a stand-alone POE switch.

Check out our IP cameras to see which one fits your needs better, or Contact Owl Video Security if you need Help to decide, or if you require a Service to configure your CCTV IP System.

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