IP Cameras

IP Cameras are the oldest technology to carry High Definition Images in the CCTV Technology, Ip Cameras have a lot of advantages, but also can be a nightmare for a regular Security Camera user.


When you want to buy IP Cameras, you don’t only have to think about the Ip Cameras, but also have to think about an NVR, and a POE or independent power supply. The Ip Cameras have great advantages when you need a layout that requires a decentralized system where you can have few or many cameras that can integrate to a system or more than one CCTV system, but to be able to make this CCTV network work properly IT knowledge is required to successfully configure, and maintain your IP Camera System running.

IP POE Cameras

The POE acronym stand for Power Over Ethernet, which is a technology where you can use the same ethernet cat5 or cat6 cable to supply the power to IP cameras or other devices compatible with this technology, keep in mind that not all the IP cameras come with POE connection, therefore there is a need of an independent power supply and or wire to Power those IP cameras.

POE Router

This is the device that ultimately will supply the POE power for those Ip cameras with POE connection, and when you decide to connect a POE router to an IP camera or set of CCTV Cameras, you might have to contemplate the number of POE ports that a router comes with, in order to plan your layout. You can use one or more POE router to connect a set of IP cameras, and all of the POE routers don’t have to be in the same location, as long as the are connected, and belong to the same Network.

IP Cameras for Modular Network Surveillance Systems