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You Probably got here looking for a professional company to install your Surveillance system.

At Owl Video Security Cameras

Our goal is to install Surveillance Systems that you can forget and have ready to access when you need them. The clarity of the video playback is important for us as it is the wiring, layout, and installation service, that is why we only offer High-Quality Surveillance Systems that offer you high video quality and reliable performace. Detail assessment of your home or business, well design layout, planning and good after sales customer service is our key to maintain healthy business relations with all of our clients and have them to recommend our services.

We are a local South Florida Surveillance Company, we don’t send third-party companies to try to get your local business, or push to sell you fancy equipment you don’t need, instead, we will do a careful assessment of your home or business and recommend the best solution that will fit with your requirements. 

Outdoor Cameras

Our outdoor cameras are suitable to install in Florida and resist our hot weather temperatures and humidity levels.

Night Vision Cameras

When night vision is an important subject, we recommend you the strongest IR features to cover your darkest areas.

Wireless Cameras

Wiring a cameras is not always an option, that is when a professional wireless camera can be configured to fit your system.

Security Cameras and

DVR Installation

Why Choosing Owl Video as your CCTV Installation Company?

If you choose to work with us, we will take care of every detail to leave your system up and running, program your internet router, DVR, and computer and leave your cameras ready to watch on your preferred monitoring device. With Owl Video you won’t have to call an IT guy to configure your cameras, we will do it all, get a static IP domain to retain your connection, establish a reliable network link and make sure that your configuration won’t get lost even if your IP address changes, and leave your surveillance system ready to access at any time.

How we do CCTV Installation?

We believe that a proper layout and professional wiring and installation of your camera system will allow you to maintain your initial investment over the years, the wiring of any surveillance component is the backbone of the system, and nothing better than using high quality cable, junctions boxes, connectors, and hardware materials that would ensure that your system will work safe and smoothly.

What is the DVR?

The CCTV DVR is the heart of the system, it is the device where the video will be recorded, in a standard wired installation of cameras, each of the cameras will have to be hardwired to it, but that is not all, the DVR will hold all the footage that you will be able to play back when an event occurs. 
The best of having a DVR is that you are not going to pay a dime for monitoring service because you simply won’t need it as your recorded video is going to be right there in your own DVR.

Web Camera Access

How to access your home security system?

This is the fun part, once you have the DVR configured with your internet, there are multiple options to access your system depending on your particular layout and needs.

DVR Access

You can access the surveillance video directly from a monitor connected to your DVR.

Computer Access

If a PC is your choice, we will configure  your router to allow you to get access from your PC

Mobile App

An application installed to your phone that will allow you to watch live video and recordings.


Easy to use CCTV mobile App

Quickly access your cameras, check live view video, or playback past events at your fingertips.


Playback your footage from the phone app, save and share video clips of recorded events.

Watch Remotely

Access everywhere, use 3G, 4G service or Wifi connection.

Whatch Locally

Access your cameras from your local network.

Help Menu

Easy to access help menu included in the phone’s app.

Multiple Viewing Modes

Portrait, landsacpe, whatch 1 camera, whatch four at the time or whatch them all.

Alarm Notifications

Available with compatible cameras, and optional setup.

Our Security Camera Installation Services


Surveillance Systems installaton for warehouses, store fronts, and office locations.


Home Camera Security Systems Installation Quick and Professional.

CCTV Service

Surveillance Systems Configuration, Maintenance and Repair

Every DVR and complete Camera system we install will be cover with 1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty!. We are a Florida Licensed and Insured Especialty Electrical Contractors.


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