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14 years providing peace of mind to Broward, and South Florida residents. Professional CCTV Systems for home and business.

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Owl Video Provides Reliable Security Camera Installation with no contracts or hidden fees!

You can watch all the important access areas of your home or business in live view mode, control your office’s doors with card entry systems that provide historical reports, or cover your entire home or office with professional Wi-Fi extenders.

  • Outdoor Cameras
  • Indoor Pet & Nany Cameras
  • PTZ Cameras
  • DVR, NVR Video Recorders
  • IP Cameras
  • Professional Wireless Cameras
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Installed Security Systems

With expert security camera installers and and fourteen years of experience, Owl Video Security offers you a hassle-free CCTV Systems installed experience that gives you peace of mind.

Owl Video a South Florida security systems no hassle warranty!

Owl Service Solutions

Home Security Systems and Commercial CCTV Installation

Owl Video Provides everything you need to cover the security of your business and South Florida Home.

Outdoor camera installed on a wall of South Florida warehouse
IP 66/67 Rated

Outdoor Security Cameras

Every outdoor camera we install in your home or business, is rated to resist water, heat and humidity while exposed to our South Florida’s environment.

Outdoor Security Camera installation
Hard-wired Cameras

Security Camera Installation

Professional CCTV Installers will place your cameras in the right spot to take advantage of the camera lenses, and make sure they remain sealed with hidden connections.

PTZ Camera outdoor on Pole.
Home & Business

PTZ Cameras

A PTZ Camera can be programmed to zoom in and out, rotate, and continuos patroll to offer 360 Degrees surveillance of your property.

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Many South Florida Homes And Businesses enjoy peace Of Mind with our professional security cameras and door access controls.

Why choose Owl as your CCTV Camera Installation Company?

When you choose a CCTV system installed by Owl Video, you get the best quality, and the company is committed to serving you with a real warranty and technical support.


After 12 years of installing security systems in South Florida, we have tested many indoor and outdoor surveillance systems and determined the best cameras and access controls for your project, application, and environment. 


You don’t have to remove any equipment. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty covers every CCTV or Door Access System installed by Owl Video in the same place it was installed.


You won’t spend hours with a call center that keeps you on the phone while walking you through different extensions. We offer remote and onsite service to solve technical issues quickly and easily.


Our CCTV installers are experts at running wires and leaving them well terminated and organized, avoiding entangles of excess cable. They will also ensure that the cameras are placed to have maximum viewing coverage.


Owl Video is conveniently located in Broward, FL, near Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Coral Springs, Davie, Cooper City, and most Cities in Broward County, for fast and convenient support Technical Support.

You can talk with us by phone or text; we will be willing to help you answer questions about your system.


South Florida

Security Camera Installation Service

Our Camera Installers will run the wires professionally and securely to last many years under South Florida weather conditions.

Network wiring
Hard-Wired Networks

Security System Wiring

Most of our systems are hardwired to ensure a secure and reliable connection.

CCTV Installer in Broward, working on a ladder.
CCTV & Door Access

Security Camera Installation

We only install our systems to provide support, warranty, and no hassles warrantied.

Security Camera installation company monitoring system.
Local & Remote

Technical Support

Owl Video can assist you with technical issues remotely and onsite in South Florida.


Years Providing Security Solutions in South Florida.
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We are Florida-licensed and Insured.
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How do you get protected with an Owl Video Home Security System?

We love hassle-free business.
You won’t get any pressure or gimmicks to get our services.

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We’ll visit your home or business to check your project details. We can also give you a rough estimate over the phone.

Schedule The System Installation

Once you have agreed to our estimate, and sent us 50% of the payment, we prepare and schedule the service.

Get your Access Control and cameras Installed

Your system will be installed in one or two days, depending on the project size.

Owl Service Solutions

We expand our CCTV Installation Services to Protect your Home and Business

Your home and business security system can be covered with door access control and wireless access points to reach every corner of your property.

Keypad Entry System
Networked & Stand Alone

Door Access Control

Access card entry systems are the perfect solution for controlling your doors and giving authorized users access with a card, code, or keyfob.

Wireless Access Point
Long Range Hard-wired

Wireless Access Point

Expanding the WI-FI range of a wireless network with a single SSID can be done with professional and hard-wired access points.

Free estimates security Camera Installation
No Hassle Warrantied!

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If you are in Broward County, near Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Plantation, Coral Springs, or Weston, we will visit you to assess your project and give you the best price to install a new Security System.

You will receive a written estimate, and an expert Security Consultant will advise you on the best cameras or door access control options available to fit your budget.

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FAQ Section

Check our Security Camera Installation FAQ Section

Call us to talk to a Security Consultant if you don’t find all your answers.

How much does security camera installation cost in Broward, FL?

When you hire a Licensed Security Camera Installation Company, the price per installed camera can range from $350 to $700. This might include the DVR or NVR, hard-wring, junction boxes, programming, teaching you how to use the system, warranty, and support.

How long does it take to install a Security Camera System?

Expert camera installers can install a CCTV Camera System in one day or less. It applies to an office or homes up to 2400 sq ft and includes installing hard-wired cameras, the DVR or NVR, and the programming.

Can Security Cameras have audio within a Florida location?

Florida allows audio recording if the cameras are NOT INSTALLED in areas where people might have a reasonable expectation of privacy and CCTV signs are clearly posted on the premises. For legal interpretation, check Florida Statutes 810.45, 934.03, and 934.03 with your legal advisor.

What are IP Security Cameras?

IP cameras can be installed using Ethernet Cat5 or Cat6 cables, providing more flexibility in placement compared to analog cameras. IP camera systems can be easily scaled, making them suitable for small and large commercial installations.

What is Night Vision?

Night Vision is a CCTV Feature that enables visibility within low-light or pitch-black environments.
Night vision is possible through infrared and low-light sensors in the camera. Not all night vision cameras have the same quality.

What is motion detection?

Motion detection is a security camera feature that triggers the recording operation when the camera detects movement.
Motion detection extends the DVR recording capacity and helps find events during playback.

Are Service Calls Included When I Buy a Camera System?

Warranty calls related to defective equipment or faults in the wiring work or connections are fully covered. Failures related to misuse, power outages, or equipment moved or disconnected by the user are not.

Do you service security systems provided by other CCTV companies?

Yes, we are always willing to help customers regardless of where they purchased their original camera system. In that case, it will be contemplated as a service call.

Is the Assessment Visit free?

If you are in Broward, Florida, we will visit you at work or home, assess the project, and provide an estimate at no cost.
We can also give you a Rough Cost Estimate over the phone.

South Florida

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Owl Video Security install security cameras in Broward County, FL, providing and high quality Video recorders and outdoor cameras with no contracts at all!

We are a Local business and Home Security System Installation Company in Broward Fl!

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