Security Cameras Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach

Security Cameras Installation

A Security Camera purchase decision always involves installation, and finding a trustable security provider is the most important step.

There are two types of approaches to complete a project of installing surveillance cameras, one is the DIY approach, and the other is hiring a Surveillance System Installer near you. We can help you with tips and directions on the second option regardless of what company you want to hire to install your cameras.

Basic Steps to Choose a Security Camera Installer.

1. Make sure you hire a Florida Licensed Contractor. Contractors normally don’t disappear the next day after the install, and they are committed to working with safety standards, best practices and have to be insured. 

2. Confirm that they are local in your area. lot’s of Home security systems companies are not local and send you third party person that won’t care about your final expectations once the project is done.




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3. Last, make sure you are choosing an installation company and not a camera system retailer. CCTV retail companies have a fixed goal, moving boxes, you might find a slightly better price but you will sacrifice on the installation.

These are the most common questions other clients ask us to understand how CCTV Cameras work before they buy.

Are all Outdoor Cameras water resistant?

In Fort Lauderdale, Boca, Miami, Doral and most of the South Florida cities that we cover we install outdoor cameras. Florida requires outdoor cameras that are resistant to drastic weather changes, heavy rains, and humidity, hence all the cameras that we install outdoors are ready to resist our local environment.

DVR Remote Phone Viewing

Checking your cameras remotely is one of the main features of surveillance cameras today, we program your Router, and DVR so you will have fast and secure access to see your cameras from a remote location over the internet with your phone or PC.

phone cameras

Are those Cameras Night Vision Cameras?

If you heard somebody talking about INFRARED CAMERAS, that is exactly what it is, infrareds are the LED lights of a camera that enable Night Vision Surveillance. Normally the cameras come in different ranges of night vision or infrared coverage. Talk to use or you trusted surveillance provider to recommend you the best solution for the specific area where the night vision cameras are going to be installed.

Do you Install IP Cameras?

Yes, we do, but let’s clarify something that you should know When a user is Newby in the CCTV subject have the tendency to think that only IP cameras are capable of having connectivity through the internet, but it is not exactly like that.  IP Cameras can be viewed remotely the same way analog cameras do. IP Cameras can feature the same technical specs, and resolution that an analog camera can, they have some advantages but IP cameras tend to cost more, and some even require annual licensing, besides their configuration might become tricky even for a regular Surveillance System installer.

Is this Surveillance System compatible with my Cable Internet company?

The most common internet providers in South Florida are Comcast and AT&T, and the answer is Yes, our camera systems can work and be programmed with your local provider. You will need your account information and passwords to access the router to allow us to do the remote view programming for you. If you provider is not one of mentioned above, it might take some extra effort, collaboration of your provider or even of your IT department if your company used managed IT services.

How long does it take to have the cameras installed?

Every project of installing cameras is different and the layouts of some locations are easier than others, but in general, installing four to eight Cameras might take from one to two days. We will do a walk through and assessment before giving you the last ansewer.

What do we offer with our Commercial Home Security Systems Installation?

Professional Cameras Installation

Owl Video Security is a South Florida CCTV installation company specialized in Security Camera Systems wiring and Installation.

We start with the assessment of your home or business then recommend you the best DVR and Cameras to fit your expectations. 

We have been installing professional surveillance systems in South Florida for 10 Years and we look forward to have your business. 

We are a Florida Licensed and Insured Electrical Specialty Contractors.

You will get Fair Price on Surveillance Systems

We have been installing professional surveillance systems in South Florida for 10 Years and still making happy customers.
We are a Florida Licensed and Insured Electrical Specialty Contractors.

High Quality Cameras

The cameras that we use are for professional installations only we don’t use,  sell or provide cheap low-quality, or user market cameras.

Best Camera Features

All our security cameras feature Motion Detection, Night Vision, Water Resistant, 3 axial moving for best viewing angle, High Definition and more, check with us for more details about your particular need.

Cameras Remote Access

Most installers have limits when configuring cameras with your computer, tablet or mobile, you won’t need a specialized IT guy to finish your job property, we will configure your router, DVR, and mobile device to allow you see your cameras while away.


  • Outdoor /Indoor Cameras
  • DVR and NVRs 
  • Motion Detection Cameras
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Clean Wiring Installation
  • Licensed & Insured Contractor


We thought you also wanted to know a bit about Wireless Security Cameras

Many of our users request  Wireless Cameras for two reasons:

1. because they think that a wireless camera can be installed anywhere without any wiring at all.

2. because they have the associated idea to have remote access to their surveillance cameras only if the cameras are wireless.

Well to answer the first statement, Wireless Security Cameras connect to the internet through a wireless access point or WI-FI signal but remember that you always still have to connect the camera to a power source.

The second statement is not exactly true as Yes! You can access wireless security cameras remotely but also, a Surveillance Camera System DVR or NVR through the internet with the appropiate programming.