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The best way to improve your business Security is by adding Door Access Control. Manage doors granting access only to users with a pre-programmed Key Fob or Key Card.

Magnetic Door Locks

For Store Fronts, Office and business.

Door Access Control Systems

Stand-alone and IP-based.

Door Card Readers

Work with Key cards and Key Fobs.

Stand alone Access Control Key Pad

Installing a Door access control system adds a layer of security to your business!

You will control critical access areas of your office, starting by the main door.

Manage users, create door-access schedules, get detailed entry reports, search historical activity, and track keyholders and doors’ activity.

  • Open your door with a card or keyfob: A push button under a desk or in a convenient location will easily control access to unexpected visitors.
  • Restrict And Control Access: With a Maglock, the door can remain locked even during business hours, adding an extra layer of protection to your store.
  • Keep Important Areas Secured: When you have expensive parts, sensitive inventory, or a location with classified files, a Door Access Control is the way to secure and protect.

The door access system gives you the level of security that your CCTV cameras or alarm system can’t.

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The Installation Process

The Access Control System includes a few components that go installed together

Stand-alone or IP-based door access systems follow the same process.


Mag Lock Installation

An expert technician will place the magnetic lock in the upper part of your door’s frame. The switch and the reader will control it.

Technician installing a maglock for access control system.


Exit Switch

An exit switch is installed, accessible by the interior side of the door, to release the magnetic lock and open the door.

Maglock and exit switch


Access Card Reader

Finally, a Door Access Card Reader is installed outside the door to let the key card users present the card and open the door to enter.

Key card for door access system


Your Access Control is installed and ready to work

Once the Card reader, the maglock, and the exit switch are in place, the access cards are programmed to let the designated user open the door.

Access Control System

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These Two types of Access Control Systems can match any Security Project

Stand-alone and IP are the most common Door Control Systems for offices and commercial locations.

Stand-alone Door Access Control

A stand-alone access control system can hold multiple user keys and codes connected to a Magnetic lock or door electric strike; it offers convenient restriction to access, allowing you to generate hundreds of key cards.

They are usually composed of a few essential components:

  • Access Card Reader.
  • Magnetic door Lock (Maglock), or Electric strike
  • A Power Supply
  • Key card or Key fob

You can have multiple Stand-alone readers in different doors and open them all with the same Access Cards.

Door Entry Keypad
Keypad and Maglock

When do we recommend a Stand-Alone Access Control?

Block the door during business hours and grant access with a Key Card per user.

IP Access Control System

The network access control system can be set up for one or more doors and can grow to integrate dozens of doors by linking panels that can be managed from the central access software in a main laptop or desktop computer.

This system is often comprised of the following components:

  • Access Control Panel
  • Keypad or Card reader
  • A Power Supply
  • Key cards or key fobs
  • Dedicated Computer
  • Access Control Software

A new generation of Access Control has been available in the past three years, featuring Online Software, eliminating the need for a dedicated computer.

Access Control Installation, Broward, Florida
Best installation

What is the best scenario to install an IP Access Control System?

When you need to control doors by schedule, have different user groups, and get reports of users’ entrance activity.

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This basic info can help answer common questions other customers ask us.

The price of an Access Control System installed can vary from $1,200 to $1,500 for a single door if it is a stand-alone. Network Systems can start from $3,500 and increase depending on the number of doors, readers, and functions.

A Mag lock or Magnetic Lock Is an electromagnetic locking device that holds the door closed, and it is generally controlled by an access control system.

A door buzzer is a sounding device triggered by an exit or door release button to open the door locked by a Magnetic lock or an electric strike.

A single-door stand-alone system can be installed in 1 Day or a few hours, depending on the type of door and the wiring required to link the different components.

No, we only install Door Systems we provide, so we can offer services, support, and warranty on them.

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