DVR & Security Camera Features Explained

Not all the DVRs we offer, nor all in the market offer the same features, and that is why most of the time is wrong to judge if the DVR your are buying is fare or not, until you have a bit more of information of what most of the professional DVRs features are.


H. 264 Compression

The H264 Codec used is the same as the one used in Blue Ray Digital Video Disks. You will be astonished by the high resolution, quality and smoothness of the video.


Remote Web Monitoring

Owl Video Security Systems are the easiest to access over the internet. Live Video, and Playback control is completely accessible using Internet CMS Software included. It has never been easier to view your Security Cameras, form one or more DVRs, from anywhere in the world, all in one split screen.

iPhone/iPad Viewer

It’s hard to ignore the popular iPhone phenomenon. You can now download our FREE iPhone App. to view your cameras LIVE on your iPhone or iPad.
Don’t have an iPhone or iPad? We also have a free Smart Phone and PDA Viewer available. Call us for details


Email Notification

Our Stand alone DVR Systmes Send Email notifications when motion is detected or an alarm has been triggered.
Email attachments can include images or even video clips from the camera that detected the motion.

Dual Streaming

Dual Streaming feature allows the recorder to compress the High Quality Video for viewing remotely. This significantly reduces the Network traffic while preserving the image quality at very high refresh rates across, even at the slowest network connections.


Pentaplex Operation

True Pentaplex System allows multiple simultaneous operations without sacrificing the monitoring of current events. The system allows to search, back up or view events in live play mode remotely all while recording in the background.

Flexible USB ports

Flexible Alarm inputs allow integration with external devices. The system can be integrated with most Alarm sirens, sensors, reed switches, access control systems and magnetic proximity sensors. Our Systems provide an easy to follow menu to set alarm options such as triggering video recording, logging the alarm events and outputting signal to relays for even further expansion.


Motion Detection

Up on request we deliver our DVRs pre-configured for Motion Activated Recording, allowing for easy playback of events where motion was triggered, saving the operator sitting through hours of footage to find a certain event. Continuous and Scheduled recording can also be configured for specific applications.

Watermark Protection

Watermark Protection is a Technology made to ensure the authenticity of images and video.
The recorder automatically stamps each image and video file with an encrypted algorithm. When an image or video file is tampered with or modified in any way, the watermark will change and the file will not be verified. This feature is useful in making sure that the file you are looking at is authentic.


PTZ Camera control

This included port for PTZ control interface, not only allows you to connect a control PTZ (Panning Tilting Zooming) Security Cameras but also give you advanced control to enter the camera’s menu by configuring its Call Preset. This advanced feature eliminates the need for a PTZ Tester when configuring advanced security camera systems.

Network Time Protocol

With a Built-In Network Time Protocol Client, the recorder will update its date and time to match the online Time Server, giving you an accurate account of events and the exact time they occurred.


2 Way Audio

An optional microphone is available for recording Audio. The included monitoring software is smart enough to stream the audio channels for convenient, remote monitoring. 2 Way communications is also available.

Up to 2Tb Storage

HUGE 2 terabyte Storage (2,048 gigabytes) ensures ample Footage Backup.
For high Resolution images and fast frame rates, We always recommend high storage hard drive, so you can rest assured that the storing space you need will be there when you need it.


VGA Monitor Friendly

Many Professional Surveillance Systems are limited to specific type of monitors increasing you’re out of the pocket initial investment.
Our systems are VGA Monitor Friendly, so you can connect your regular Computer VGA monitor or TV with a Video input.

Hosted Dynamic Domain Name Service

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide Dynamic IP addressing with their internet connection plans. This makes it difficult to view the Security Cameras from the internet.
To work around this, many ISPs will charge additional fees to upgrade to a Static IP address.
Owl Video Security Systems Kits now include a Hosted DDNS Service which automatically updates a secure online database with your IP address to ensure that the recorder is always accessible from anywhere on the internet.


Point Of Sale Integration

With an optional USB adapter, Point Of Sale Transactions can be logged directly to the recorders
The recorder can overlay the transactions so it’s easy to see what was put through a cash register and how much change should have been given
You can even search directly by the products being sold. For example, a search for ‘pepsi’ will display a list of transactions where ‘pepsi’ was purchased; playing back the event will display the camera that recorded the transaction

Spot Monitor Output

There are situations where a secondary monitor is placed in a visible area to act as a deterrent to potential criminals.
In a retail shop, for example, a Spot Monitor may be placed at the entry to the premises to show that there is Video Surveillance installed.


Flexible USB ports

USB Ports support external Memory Sticks, Hard Drives, Mouse connection and POS Interfaces. They can also provide power to the included Monitor.

Timeline Event Search

A time may come when some recorded events needs to be retrieved. With the built in Search function, finding and backing up recorded events is easy.
Using a mouse, remote control or front panel buttons, it’s just a matter of selecting the date and scrolling through the hours and minutes.
There’s no need to sit through days of recorded video in Fast Forward. The recorded events are already marked for you.


Content Management Software

Included with every Owl DVR is the CMS Software. The CMS allows you to remotely access your Security Cameras. You’re able to View Live video from your security cameras, Search through past events and backup directly to your computer.
If you have multiple systems around the World, you can simultaneously view them all on a single split screen.

eMap Function

The eMap Screen demonstrates the look of a functioning eMap feature. An image of a floor plan has been added to the recorder, the security cameras have been placed around the floor plan for easy identification


Watermark Check Program Screen

The Watermark Application verifies the authenticity of the exported video or image.