DVR Service & Up-Grade

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Fixing a DVR

If you need to fix your Security Cameras or DVR we might offer you the service in our South Florida service coverage area, but often fixing a CCTV Recorder might not be worthy, Upgrading has been lately the best option.

 Upgrading your CCTV DVR is cheaper than fixing it.

In the past, you had to spend on getting the same type of older resolution cameras or DVR to replace the one that wasn’t working, today with Hybrid CCTV DVRs, and Cameras you can get back in business without spending a fortune, and upgrade running high definition Quality on your existing wiring.

Around 2012 we started to see the first high definition cameras, the first HD Cameras were based on IP technology, IP cameras were really expensive, and mostly installed for commercial high-end applications, the installation would require specific equipment, and matching cameras, camera’s configuration was tricky, and often there were annual licensing fees involved.

IP cameras still in the market, and have very good options and advantages for specific applications, the prices of IP technology have dropped, but not as desired or reach the low price level of other surveillance technologies, to be chosen for small projects.

As the CCTV technology won’t stop, and is reaching higher levels of quality, and more affordable prices, AHD, TVI, and CVI technologies came right after IP technology offering the same  image quality than IP cameras but at a much lower price range, most of the newer CCTV cameras, and DVRs are configurable straightforward as the older relative low-resolution BNC security cameras.

In the past if you were a CCTV system owner, and you wanted to do a DVR Upgrade or bring your Cameras to HD quality your only option was changing the whole system, and re-wiring the location with CAT5 cable to get Megapixel quality resolution, now you can get High Definition Cameras working on Coaxial Siamese cable at affordable prices, and even still use your old cat5 existing wiring.

Choosing A DVR to Upgrade an Older System

If you have made the decision of changing only your DVR and keeping the older cameras already installed, your best option is a Hybrid DVR.

Either using Hybrid DVR or Hybrid Cameras can give you the option to have your Security System re-boost, and back up and running. Hybrid DVRs are normally recorders capable of handling older cameras based on TVL horizontal resolution, also known as BNC Cameras, and work with older BNC cameras, and  AHD, HD-CVI or HD-TVI at the same time.

It will better to check with your Camera Technician or Provider to make sure which of the available Hybrid DVRs will be better to fit your needs and match with your existing wiring and CCTV Cameras.

We carry DVRs compatible with Older Analog Camera Systems