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The first and bigger deal Home users go through when they start shopping for a Home Security Camera System is, if buying from a retail store, from a CCTV installation company, or if installing Wireless Security Cameras

home security systems are often taken as less important than an Office Camera Security System, but in terms of installation installing those cameras at home can be more complicated than installing a commercial Security System. Running wires through confine attic spaces with extreme temperatures, drilling  on hard concrete walls, fishing wires through walls, and setting up all together to see your cameras remotely from your Phone is  a Job that won’t deserve to be matched with a cheap, low quality Camera System, and can not definitely be done using the cabling that comes with most DIY Cheap Camera System packages.

When installing cameras in a two story home is often necessary to run conduit  to reach the desired locations, and place the cameras in the best spot.  Taking in count these and many more details no one could say  that a home user should be expected to do their own Security Camera System Installation, So why Buying a Cheap DIY Security System?

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Choosing a Home Security Camera System is challenging and confusing task for a homeowner, it requires more than selecting and comparing the resolution of the cameras, comparing the resolution of two cameras is like just comparing the tires of two vehicles and relating the results to the quality of the vehicle, if you compare two tires, and both offer you 50k miles would you say that both cars are the same? off course not, to compare a security camera you need to have more information than just the resolution, information like Image Sensor, Chip Set, fix or varifocal lenses, weather resistant, OSD menu and other relevant features aren’t  normally shown in the boxes and definitely are key to determine the quality of a camera when choosing a CCTV System.


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Most people that want to install Home Security Systems think automatically about Wireless Cameras. Wireless cameras might not be the best solution as you still need  power at every location where you need to install the camera.

Hard wiring the CCTV cameras is the most reliable method, as long as you use good quality wire, and professional service.

You can change your cameras any time you want, and for sure you will do it with some time frequency to catch up the latest changing technology, but if you don’t have a good quality wire installed, and terminated, you will have to deal with constant problems, headaches, and will spend more than twice to get your cameras up and running.

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