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Remote Surveillance Cameras

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DVR Upgrade & CCTV Security Systems

Security Cameras

PTZ Camera

Moving Surveillance Cameras 360 degrees rotation capability, CVI, TVI or IP

Hidden Cameras

Discrete Security Cameras with optional sound recording

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Professional DVRs TVI or CVI the best alternative when Upgrading your old Surveillance System

Surveillance Camera

Security Cameras Indoor, Outdoor, Night Vision, Motion Detection….

Security Systems

Home Security Systems and SOHO Surveillance Kits for small surveillance projects

Outdoor Cameras

Motorized Outdoor Camera for real optical zooming from your DVR or App

IP Camera

IP Security Cameras ideal when you need a modular Surveillance Layout

Wireless Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras to use in home applications with your local internet signal

NVR Network Video Recorder

Ip Network Video Recorder to record IP Camera footage

Security Systems



  • HD Recording DVR
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Motion Detection Cameras
  • Infrared Night Vision Systems

Security Camera Installation


We offer CCTV Security Systems Installation for most HD Cameras and DVRs we provide.

CCTV Service

Security Cameras


When looking for Security Cameras locally in Miami, Owl Video Security is your best choice, we have been in the Industry for more than 10 Years and locally in Florida since 2010. We are experts in Surveillance and technology, and we are Florida Licensed and Insured Specialty Electrical Contractors.


We do Professional Wiring and provide Security Cameras Surveillance Systems and DVRs for remote monitoring access. Miami 10720NW 66th St Ste 405, Doral, Fl 33178

Security Camera Installation

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Home Security Systems


There are many providers claiming experience installing Security cameras, but very few honest and experienced. If you are an educated consumer you should know that the cheapest deals are most of the time waste of money and time, and think twice before you decide who you let into your home or office, and gave them your most important access security system, don’t think to much and call the experts in Security Cameras.





Closed Circuit Television is often confused for first time user of a surveillance system, cctv, surveillance cameras, and security cameras always refer to the same technology and type of equipment, what really makes the difference is who you use to get the system, and what technology the use. Get engaged with a Florida Licensed Contractor, and your won’t have to do your project twice.



Wireless Security Cameras


Wireless Security Cameras are always the first idea that comes to home users and business owners when trying to find a simple solution to install a surveillance system, and yes! it could be simpler that other options as long as the other options would be having to run wires in hard to reach places if that is not your case, keep with regular CCTV cameras wiring plan.