Cat5 and Cat6 structured cabling gives your home and business stable and steady connectivity.

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Computers, phones, cameras.

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Local Network Wiring

How can a hard-wired connection help your local Network?

A Hard-wired ethernet network won’t rely on signals that can be affected by external agents compared with Wi-fi boosters or access points; if your network cabling is set up correctly, the speed of your network won’t go down unless you cut the cable.

  • Secure and Constant Internet Connection: Nothing replaces a physical connection from your router to your PC. Hard-wired network connections are safe and reliable.
  • Fastest Access to the Internet: When you have a fiber internet service in the office or home, you might like to keep the speed up to the highest level to take full advantage of your service.
  • No interference from other waves: A hard-wired connection is free of the crowded wireless spectrum.

Wireless is excellent and convenient, but if you depend on the internet to run your business, a Hard-Wired network connection is the way.

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Installing structured Cat5 or Cat6 Cable will bring your network LAN back to full speed

Connecting your high bandwidth-consuming devices to Ethernet makes your network LAN faster and more efficient.

An Ethernet land eliminates wireless network latency

Balancing your wireless network with Ethernet will alleviate the latency caused by those demanding stations requiring large amounts of internet usage.

Here are a few to mention:

  • Gaming Computers
  • Video Streaming Devices
  • IP Cameras
  •  IP Phones and Work Stations.

The more wireless devices you have connected to your internet, the higher the chance of dealing with latency and delays in the service.

Fix Slow network problems.
South Florida

A Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet Cable Wiring will Keep your network blazing fast

We can discuss the details of your network wiring project over the phone and then arrange a FREE! Assessment visit.

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Your network wiring can be done in a few steps

Let Owl Video run the wiring and regain all the benefits of the old-fashioned but secure hard-wire Ethernet network.


Run the Network wires

After planning the drops for each hard-wired connection, our technicians will run the wires through the drop ceiling attic or available space.

Network wiring for business.


Install Network Socket and Panel

Every location you request will be supplied with a network socket to connect your computer, TV, or electronic device physically.

Patch panel Wiring


Connect network devices

Once the wiring is ready, we will connect it to your router and switch, depending on your request.

Home Network wiring service


You will have a hard-wired network ready for a fast and reliable connection.

All the wiring points and connections will be tested to guarantee you the fastest and most secure way to get access to your internet service.

Ethernet network wiring

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How to test your Internet

test the internet speed in two steps

It is recommended to keep testing your internet service speed to make sure your network LAN is fine-tuned.

Test The Internet Speed Before changing anything.

You need to be sure your Internet speed is working fine before going further, doing multiple tests, or disconnecting users in your network. 

Go to Speed Test and Press “GO” to start your test

  • Connect an Ethernet cable from your router, laptop, or computer.
  • Run the speed Test online app and wait for the results of your “upload” and “download” speed.
  • Compare the results with the plan that you are paying for.

The results can vary from time to time; run the test at different times of the day; if your average results end up being constantly slower than the speed plan you have, call your internet service provider to get help checking your outside connections or the performance of your router.

How to measure your internet speed.
Wiring Services

Are you moving to a new office and need Ethernet network wiring?

Owl Video Security can run all the Cat5 and Cat6 cabling and install a wall cabinet for your switches and router.
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Owl Video Security serves most of the major cities in Broward County, FL, providing network wiring installation.

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Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet Wiring

A bit more info about network wiring

If you don’t find all the answers to your questions, please feel free to call us and talk to one of our friendly technicians.

Ethernet is the original and current technology to connect a hard-wired computer network LAN using a Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

Keeping the standards of the Ethernet technology a cat5 cable can run 300 feet far from the next interconnection facility.

Yes, we offer network wiring services for home and commercial locations.

It will depend on the extension of the drops and the complexity of the project, but a 12-drop network wiring can take a couple of days if there is no rack involved.

Talking about the wiring and network installation, a drop is every point where a socket with a CAT5 jack will be installed.

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