CCTV Pro Kit

$ 1,149.00 $ 999.00

► 1 DVR LEGEND TURBO HD S04TRB (elegant and compact design, 720P in all channels).
LE7TRBW eyeball cameras (dome) for interior/exterior.
TT101FTRB transceiver pairs, assembled with surge protection.
JR52 voltage adapters.
PS12DC4C power supply.
► Hard Drive 1 TB
► 1 500′ Siamese Cable Spool
► 4 Junction Box

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4 Channels High Definition 720P System, Compatible with P2P, Includes 4 LE7TRB (2.8 mm Interior/Exterior Dome Camera), 500′ Siamese Cable Spool, and a Professional Power Supply 5 amps 4 outputs.  1 TB Hard Drive, 2 Junction Boxes for outdoor camera installation, 4 sets of male and female power connectors for Siamese, and 8 BNC terminals.


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