Hard Drive 4TB CCTV Western Digital Purple

$ 269.00

4TB SATA Hard Drive WD PURPLE Series, Optimized for CCTV, 5400RPM, 24/7



Special Features:
Formatted capacity: 4TB
Form factor: 3.5-Inch
Data transfer rate (max):
– Buffer to host: 6 Gb/s
– Host to/from drive (sustained): 150MB/s
Cache: 64 MB.
Rotational speed (RPM): 5400RMP (with Intelli Power)
Interface: SATA III, 6.0 Gb/s.
Applications: Optimized for video surveillance applications
Number of bays: 1 to 8
Number of cameras: 1 to 32Physical and Electrical Characteristics:
Operating Temperature:

 – Operating: 0-65 ° C
    – Inactive: -40 to 70 ° C
Power consumption:
– Read / Write: 5.1W
– Idle: 4.5W
– Wait and suspencion: 0.40W
Dimensions: 25.4 x 147 x 101.6mm
Weight: 680g.