About Owl Video Security Systems

12 Years a go we started looking for Security Camera Companies in Fort Lauderdale, like your are now.

Desperate after a break-in and big amount in missing inventory we had no evidence to show or proof who were the criminals responsible for our loss. That is where our search for Security Camera Companies near Fort Lauderdale started at.

We struggled to find professional cctv technicians to do the job right, a few ones were fine but they didn't have a trade license neither insurance, meaning a risk and liability for us.

Frustrated after realizing the scarcity of resources we installed our own surveillance solution and got highly motivated to start offering the service.

After a long journey of research, study, testing and Practice we got our Florida Electrical license and ended up opening our own CCTV Company to offer Commercial and Home Security Installation Services in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Boca Raton.

security camera technician testing a cctv camera.

Hour Experience in Technology

Before getting into the Surveillance Industry we already had 15 Years working in Electronics, Computers, Video, and Networking, which gave us a smooth step-in transition to start, and a great added value to transfer to our customers.

We add up our experience in business and technology to fit them into a single purpose,  Offer You reliable Security Systems

security camera installer on a ladder installing a camera

Security Camera Installation Onsite Estimate

We perfectly understand that to get successful results in a any installation project,  good communication is a key factor, that is why it is important for us to listening to your goals and expectations about your new Surveillance System, then we visit your location to do an assessment, and later after we come up with ideas and advice.

All that at no cost at all for you, the Consultation and Assessment for your new security system will be FREE!

We go beyond the Security Camera Installation

To complement your surveillance installation projects we offer and integrate high-range Wireless Repeaters, Door Access Control readers, and other smart IP devices that can improve the security of  your home or office location.

Call us to get the price to install your Security Cameras today! : 954-727-3945