SECURITY CAMERA remote viewing

Remote Access Security Cameras

remote viewing your cameras became a headache?

Depending on your network layout the configuration of your cameras can be simple or a real complication.

  • Did the remote online viewing feature of your security cameras work for a while and then got lost?
  • Are your cameras getting connectivity to your mobile device just inside your local network, at home or office?
  • Can’t you connect your cameras to your phone at all?

watch your cameras REMOTELY from your phone, no hassle.

90% of home and small office Internet plans don’t include having a static IP address.

 What does it mean, and what does it have to do with your cameras remote viewing?

 A regular or noncommercial Internet service account features a dynamic IP address, which means that your public IP address dynamically changes causing your camera system connected to get lost.

How can you prevent it? getting a static IP address could be a straight forward solution but it implies that you have to pay an extra monthly cost for that addition in your internet service plan.

 A reliable way to configure a CCTV camera system for remote access viewing is programming your router and getting a dedicated Domain name. That way you will stay connected regardless of your public Ip address dynamic Changes.


Get a free remote viewing configuration

 Getting a static IP address to keep your cameras or DVR connected is going to cost you over $240 in a term of two years, and you still have to configure the service your self.

  • Get a FREE remote camera configuration service!
  • Get a 2 Years unique domain name to replace your dynamic IP address
  • Get free support if your connection brakes.
  • Only $99

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