Dont' Gamble giving your Installation Job to an unlicensed company.

Owl Video Security is a Licensed and Insured CCTV Contractor.

Security Cameras Commercial Installation

Commercial Installation normally requires specific components and processes to meet the requirements of a Commercial location. 

Wire quality, HD Recording DVR that can record the same resolution in every channel, Stable Power Supply, wire length, terminating Connectors, positioning of the Cameras, and Design of the complete system is important to get the quality Image results to have a footage that will be usable as an evidence of any type of incident.

Commercial Grade Cameras

Choosing a High Definition Camera, and DVR will assure a good quality footage playback which ultimately is the real material that a Security Security System gives you.

Professional Camera Installers

When looking for Local Security Camera Commercial installation service in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm Beach, look for Owl Video Security, a reliable contractor that you can recommend

Why dealing with a Licensed Contractor?

  • A Licensed Contractor has made a commitment to the state to follow best practices of the electrical trade.
  • Insurance, to keep you as a customer on the safe side in the case of any event or accident.
  • Education, Contractors are committed to keeping up to date with new technologies and ruling.

Security Cameras Installation Coverage Area

South Florida


Palm Beach


Ft. Lauderdale