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How much a Security Camera installation Cost in Davie?


The price of installing cameras is related with the type of the project, it varies if you to install home security cameras outdoor, in door, or if your project is to install cameras in a warehouse of front store.

The big factor that make the price to vary though is not the location to run the wiring of your cameras, but the CCTV Company you deal with. 

Many independent "Camera Installers" are not licensed or registered with the DBPR, don't have a registered company, and don't even have insurance, hence they work "cheaper".                 

If you work with a registered, licensed and insured company, the labor to install hardwired and configured security cameras may range from  from $80 to $200, depending on the complexity of the project.

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The Best Home Security
System to install in Davie

In Davie like in other Cities of Broward or South Florida, besides from a High Definition quality cameras and DVR, all you need to keep in mind is to choose outdoor security cameras with IP66 or IP67 specification to resist water and dust to last longer with our extreme Florida outdoor environment.

the 3 steps to a successful home security camera installation

The main 3 factors to follow in a successful security camera installation:

I - Find a place closer to your router and convenient to run the cables to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

II - Choose the best location to install each of the cameras and cover the view of the desired areas.
III - Run the wires from the DVR to each of the Cameras.

Would you Install Cheap Cameras in your home?

The biggest saving you can get installing your cameras won't come from the price of the cameras,

Who will install them is where the big difference lays on.

The commitment to do it right, the tech support you receive, and the warranty are the significant differences that you get with a professional CCTV Installation company.

Doorbell Cameras are great for home 

Installing a doorbell camera is not complicated, but choosing the right one ...

Owl Video  can Install your Doorbell Camera in Davie for a competitive rate.

Where is the difference?

> No straggle with the Configuration
You Won't pay Monthly Fees.
> Our Doorbells record and store video.
> Integrate with a CCTV System

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Commercial Security Cameras
For your Warehouse or Office.

There are numerous possibilities, we can point you to a few types of cameras that are ideal for warehouses, offices and stores but, the easiest way to find out the best cameras to install in your work location is calling us, if you are in near Davie or anywhere in Broward County, our assessment visit will be FREE!!!

 the best cctv cameras for
your Davie office?              

  • Davie
  • For businesses, offices, and store fronts, the type of cameras that you should get are more related with the areas and the purpose of your surveillance system.

    You could get a PTZ camera patrolling the outdoor perimeters sweeping the area, we do have the latest technology in ptz cameras that can even track a moving person.

    A key factor that we hear a lot from our camera users is the length of the footage. If your company needs a month of recording events, that can be done with a High Quality DVR and a bigger capacity CCTV Hard Drive.

    For warehouses and in the interior or exterior we recommend bullet cameras with good Infrared (night vision) and optionally with electronic lenses when the height of the location of the cameras goes closer to 18',

    For communities and gated entrances LPR (license Plate Recognition) Cameras are ideal to keep detail information of the vehicles accessing the location. 

    If your surveillance plans needs to involve the installation of professional Wireless Cameras, that can be done installing and configuring outdoor radio transmitters that can create a dedicated wireless link to communicate the outdoor cameras with the main building where the recorder will be installed. There are many possibilities, just call us to give you more information.

      security camera installation
    near Davie?                 

  • We cover the entire Davie Metro Area with our Security Camera Installation service,

    Owl keeps improving and getting up to date dated with the latest surveillance technology to transfer our experience in added value for your benefit.

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    Owl Video serve small business, homes, and warehouses installing cameras, access controls, and Wi-fi network solutions to integrate your smart all your smart systems and enjoy your peace of mind.