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Installing your security cameras is not just extending a cable from one end to the other. Our professional camera installers take pride of their work and make sure that every run of cable becomes a secure path to feed the surveillance video you will rely on.

You can get with Owl Video a wide range of surveillance alternatives. from a small home wireless cameras to a complete Camera system with outdoor cameras and a DVR to record all the events on motion detection or continuos mode.

Everything easy to access and accessible from your laptop computer or mobile device. Check more details about our   ...


Your Office and Home Security
Systems Will Work as One.

Installing a Security System with cameras and DVR is convenient but often not enough to cover every location you need,

that is why we offer you different ways and options to extend your Surveillance System in your office or home providing on-site service in any area near Miami. 

cable wiring in the ceiling
Wiring your cameras is one of our goals to guarantee you reliable and constant connection, but you might need extra devices connected to your smart home or office, that is why we offer you ethernet wiring services for your computers, IP phones or other IP systems.

Ethernet wiring is part of our day to day work providing your more security.

wi-fi extender installed on the ceiling
Wi-Fi extenders help you not only to boost the wifi signal of your home or office, but also become the bridge to connect wireless cameras.

We extended our services to help you enjoy the benefit of a high-speed internet connection and to integrate wireless cameras and other security devices where it was impossible to reach.

finger pressing a doorbell camera
If you are a home owner interested in having a basic but effective surveillance camera, our Doorbell cameras are  a great starting alternative that can store recordings like a small DVR

You can have them integrated to a regular surveillance system or leave them as your stand alone security device.

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installation in  Miami Florida.

We service Miami near metro areas with professional security cameras installation and security system solutions.

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  • Professional Surveillance 
  • We are aware that you can find many security camera installers in Miami offering insane prices but,

    Our focus is not to offer you  disposable cameras, surveillance equipment, or a once time business relation ship.

    We are committed with the CCTV Industry and you!, to follow good practices and  install only reliable security systems that can back you up when incidents may break-in to take your peace away. 

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  • Miami Florida
  • Owl Video Security has been providing CCTV Systems, and Security Cameras installation in Miami  since 2010.

    We take pride of our work and keep improving and getting up to date dated with the latest surveillance technology to transfer our experience in added value for your benefit.

    Owl Video serve small business, homes, and warehouses installing cameras, access controls, and Wi-fi network solutions to integrate your smart all your smart systems and enjoy your peace of mind.

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