strong wireless access keeps your work flowing


Extend the range of your Wifi with full processing power and strong signal. A hard-wired wireless access point is the right way to boost and manage your wireless network.

Wireless Access Point

Hard-wired from switch or router.

Wifi Management

Easy and secure wireless setup.

Point to Point Connection

Long range distance connections.

What is a Wireless Access Point, or “WAP”?

A wireless access point is a hard-wired device that extends your Internet service to every area of a business or big home.

While extending, and covering room areas with efficient Wi-fi signal, it gives you extra features useful to protect and manage the wireless network.

  • It is Secure; Provides firewall options that help your business isolate local users from guests and block specific websites.
  • Unify the Network SSID (Name): No matter how many extenders you need, the name of your network won’t change.
  • It is manageable; You can visualize the performance of your Internet service and identify and block the bandwidth-sucking devices slowing it down.

You or your IT guy can monitor the performace of your network remotely while keeping your network activity private.

Do you have Wi-Fi hick-ups?

Wireless access points Expand and Control your Wireless service

If you are near Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Cooper City, or anywhere in Broward County, Florida, Owl Video can solve your Wireless network problems in a few hours.

The Installation Process

Installing an access point is different from a Wi-Fi extender

The access point is hard-wired directly to your network source, router, or switch in four steps.


Running the Ethernet wires

Our network technician will crimp and run the wires from the Patch panel, Switch, or Router to the target location to install the access point.

Network Wiring Installation


Install the Access Point

After determining coverage areas to bring Wi-Fi, we install the access point on a wall or the ceiling.

Wireless Access Point Installation Technician


Configure the Wireless Access Point

Once the access point is installed, our network technician configures the access point to be adopted into the network with the default features.

Wireless Access Point installed on the Ceiling.


Your Wireless Network is Manageable and ready to access

With the Access Points installed, your wireless network will cover all the areas of your building, store, warehouse, or big home.

homeowner monitoring Wireless Access Point System on the Cloud.

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WAP is a central hub for connecting wireless devices to a wired network.
Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender: Extends the coverage range of an existing Wi-Fi network.


Connection to the network

WAP: Requires a wired Ethernet connection to the existing network.
Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender: Connects wirelessly to the existing Wi-Fi network.


SSID ( Network Name)

A WAP Usually shares an identical SSID with other WAPs for seamless roaming.
Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender: Has a different SSID than the existing network.


Security Features

WAP: Generally supports advanced security features like VLANs, encryption, and authentication.
Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender: Mainly focused on extending the existing network’s security settings.


Speed and Performance

WAP: Can provide higher data transfer speeds when connected to a high-speed wired network.
Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender: Speed is dependent on the strength of the existing Wi-Fi signal.


Installation Cost

WAP: This one implies a higher upfront cost due to wiring and configuration.
Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender: Cost-effective, easy to install and configure in a DIY project.

There is no better device Between an Access Point or a wireless repeater

Use the appropriate device for the right location and function, and you will get the expected results.


Based on functionality, the wireless access point is a robust device that allows you to connect Ethernet network devices acting like a switch.


installing a Wi-Fi repeater is easy and convenient, while the Access point requires wiring to the main router.


If you struggle with multiple Wi-Fi repeaters with multiple SSIDs (wireless names) and slow access regardless of a strong signal, there is no way to beat the performance of a Wireless Access Point.

An easy way to verify your Internet performance is with a Speed test

Testing your internet speed from a hard-wired laptop or computer and then from a wirelessly connected device lets you know the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

Follow the test steps:

  • Go to your Desktop computer or laptop, and make sure it is connected to the back of your router with an Ethernet Cable.
  • Go to the SPEEDTEST website and click “GO” button to start the internet speed test.
  • With your phone connected to the local Wi-Fi, visit the same website, download their FREE app, and repeat the process.

Take a picture or write down the Download and Upload results from the two devices.

Test your Wi-Fi Speed
Stop your network latency!

How was your Speed Test?

If the Speed Test results on your wireless device are lower than the hard-wired device by more than 25%, you should consider a Wireless Access Point!

What WI-FI Should I Install?

For places with Demanding Wireless Access, a WAP is the solution

Keep the performance of your Internet with one or many WAPs to cover your entire home or workplace.

When or where is an access point recommended?

Wi-Fi Access Point for Business

Is the wireless access to your internet slow or weak, regardless of paying for fast Internet? Uploading or downloading files is a lagging task while connected to your Wi-Fi.

Any Business, workplace, or Home can improve internet access with a Wireless Access Point.

  • Offices and Stores.
  • Warehouses with flex working space.
  • Schools and Academies.
  • Waiting rooms and Conference rooms.
  • Hotels, Motels, and Restaurants.
  • RB&B Rentals and Big Homes

All your Wi-Fi problems can be fixed in a few hours. Our South Florida network installers are ready to help you.

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This basic info can help answer common questions other customers ask us.

You might only need one Hard-wired Access Point installed for small areas of 100 square feet or less.

For a Home installation with more than one Access Point, we recommend changing your router or turning off your router’s Wi-Fi and having only access points managing your Wi-FI.

If it is a Wi-Fi range extender or repeater, they are very easy to install and configure yourself. If it is an access point, it should have a company and some IT knowledge to install and configure.

No, the Wi-Fi managing software is included in the Wireless Access Point and configured at the installation time.

There is no fixed price. Roughly, an Access Point can cost between $100 and $350 depending on its features and power. The wiring installation can range in the same proportion depending on the complexity of running the ethernet wires.

No, we only install devices that we provide and can support.

When we install the access point, we do the basic configuration to enable your Wi-Fi and make it accessible. Security settings, Vlans, Multiple IP Addresses, and other advanced features can be done at an extra cost.

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