Wireless camerasWireless CCTV Commercial Installation

Wireless Cameras are on high demand for Home Applications, as Security Camera Experts we have tried many different types, and brands of Wireless CCTV Cameras, and so far none of them can give us the speed communication performance, Image Quality or Link Stability to build our confidence to offer them and install them to our customers  having peace of mind of not receiving warranty service calls.

Wireless Security Cameras

Professional Wifi transmitters combined with HQ CCTV Cameras can provide Solutions to interconnect video communication from a few hundred feet up to several miles depending on the outdoor conditions, layout, and equipment. Owl Video Security can provide your with a professional wireless Camera solution for a commercial CCTV application.

Wireless Surveillance SystemWireless Outdoor Camera

Is a combination of an HD IP Cameras Mounting Pole with specific bracket, Electrical Junction box, wireless network commercial transmitter, NVR, and CMS Software. When this set of hardware and configured software are set properly, the results are amazing, and they are worthy.

CCTV Wireless System Solutions are mainly recommended when there are no other alternatives handy, the cost of the equipment, and setup require more dedicated and experienced CCTV service provider, that is why they are not recommended for Home Security Applications.

Check out IP High Definition Camera Products to check choose the one that suits better for your application, or call Owl Video Security for more information about Wireless Cameras.

Home Wireless CamerasWireless Security Camera

Today you can find in the market a wide variety of Wireless Cameras for Home applications, but many of them are not very stable holding the Wireless connection, they take too much band width of your network, or simply the are too complicated to install, and configure.

We have tested many of the Wireless Security Cameras available in the market, and only sell a few,  how ever we only recommend you to install Wireless Home IP Cameras if you are an advanced user willing to spend some time configuring, and dealing with the network configuration.

Home Security Cameras for Expert Users